5 Reasons Autumn is the Perfect Time in Paris

The leaves may be falling but that doesn’t mean you mood has to!


We are definite summer lovers over here at Sight Seeker’s Paris, but there is always something so sweet about that back to school feeling that rolls around come September. Never mind that we aren’t students anymore! The leaves start falling, you get to start dressing differently (welcome back, layers!), and one of our favorite things to do when it starts to feel a little bit more crisp outside is to hunker down on a terrasse and sip on a warm drink. Ah…I’m getting all cozy just thinking about it.

The French capital is lovely any time of year, but today I’m going to be talking about autumn in Paris!

1. There are less tourists

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Paris can feel packed packed packed during the summer months. It makes sense: a lot of people save up their vacation time for a summer vacation so that they can enjoy it with their children. Summer also just feels like the right time to go on a vacation…but maybe that’s my former student attitude showing.

Parisians themselves usually leave the city during the summer, especially in August. This time of year, Paris belongs to the throngs of tourists and their fabulous tour guides (hi!).

But, what if you cringe at the thought of exploring the city when it’s this crowded?! Don’t worry, you’re not alone! And, thankfully for you…autumn is the perfect time in Paris.

Those traveling with children will most likely be back at home preparing their backpacks and packed lunches. And, those who used up all of their vacation time during the summer are shuffling back into their offices. Not you, autumn traveler! You’ll get to enjoy emptier streets, museums and restaurants, and you’ll be laughing your way through that big pile of Parisian leaves you’ve just stumbled upon. Congratulations, you’ve already figured out why autumn is the perfect time in Paris!

2. Everyone is still in that “back from vacation” good mood

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Parisians tend to get a bad rap for their rudeness. This is (thankfully) changing as more and more people are realizing that this is just a nasty stereotype. But, there is something to be said about those summer vacations that seem to put everyone in a good mood.

It can be bittersweet coming back to the city after a few weeks at the beach, but if you know how to vacation right you’re likely feeling good after the break. And you, my dear autumn visitors, get to soak up that good mood feeling while you take your vacation once autumn rolls around!

For us, fall can feel like a fresh start, similar to that feeling you get at New Years. Back to school time translates roughly as the rentrée in French, and I like to make “rentrée resolutions” as soon as September hits. So, what are yours? I hope an autumn trip to Paris!

3. It is a great time of year to take pictures

Image by Claire Thomas

Now, I’m not saying that Paris can take on the foliage in Vermont or New Hampshire (proud New Englander over here 😉 ), but the scenery is pretty incredible. The leaves start changing and falling, and you’ll see them fluttering all over the streets and in the park if you visit Paris in autumn.

One of my favorite places to go to check it out for myself is the Tuileries Garden just outside of the Louvre. The way that the colors of the leaves look against the beauty of the park and the museum is really special. Plus, along the alleys in the park you’ll get to hear the satisfying crunch under your feet as you stroll along.

Another place that I recommend you check out is the Allée des Cygnes in the 15th arrondissement, just a 15 minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower. It’s a very narrow island (allée translates to alley) that is filled with large trees. Once the leaves start changing – oh my! It creates a red, orange and yellow multicolored canopy that is just dreamy to walk through.

Not to mention castles like Versailles and Fontainebleau! The grounds turn into a haven of foliage for some excellent photo ops. Get on your walking shoes, get out your scarves and jackets and get ready to snap some autumnal shots that you’ll cherish forever.

4. The weather is a lot more enjoyable

Image by Claire Thomas

In the last few years, the summers in Paris have been extremely hot. I’m talking temperatures reaching up to 100°F! As someone who spent 2 years of her life living on the 7th floor of a Parisian apartment building, directly under the metal roofs (yeah, it’s as hot as it sounds), without an air conditioner…100° sounds as miserable as it was.

Thankfully, I always had autumn to look forward to! Paris weather is typically much more mild in the fall than it is in the summer. This means no more baking in the metro, bus or the street, and you can even feel free to accessorize with a cool scarf. Plus, the metro tends to be a lot less, er…stinky than it is in July.

Hopefully next summer in Paris won’t be as warm. But, in the meantime, try to plan for a vacation in September, October or November!

5. Autumn is the perfect time of year for a walking tour

Sight Seeker’s ParisWalking Tours

Here at Sight Seeker’s Paris, our walking tours run rain or shine. We always hope for good weather, but even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, we know you’re only here in Paris for a short time (and maybe only this once) and that the experience is worth a little rain, very hot temperatures, and even snow! No matter what the weather is, you’ll always find us with a smile on our face and ready to share Paris’ unique stories with you. And you know, if we had a nickel for every time the weatherman was wrong, we’d be having Dom Perignon and caviar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

Keeping all of this in mind, autumn is probably Paris’ mildest season. Yes, spring here is incredible, but in recent years it has taken some time for the temperatures to warm up and for the sun to come out. In the fall, you’ll still get to enjoy temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and the sun stays out until 8pm in September.

What does all of this add up to?! The perfect conditions to go on a walking tour! We should know, we’re Paris walking tour experts! And, as a special thanks for reading this article I’m going to offer you all a 5 euro off per person discount code if you decide to book one of our tours. Simply enter the code FALL when you make your booking on our website 🙂


What are you waiting for?! Start planning your autumn Paris trip now! As you can see, it’s a lovely time to be in the city 🙂

Do you have any other reasons why you like coming to Paris in the autumn? Or, do you think I’m completely off base? What time of year do you all like coming here?! Let me know in the comments below!


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