4 Different Routes to Versailles You Need to Know

Feeling confused on exactly how to get from Paris to Versailles? We’re here to help!

4 Different ways to get to Versailles

The internet can feel like an overwhelming place when you’re looking for reliable information. But nestled between between all the fake news, cat memes, and other randomness you don’t really have a use for, there is some helpful information. Especially when it comes to traveling from point A to point B.

Interested in visiting the Versailles Palace from Paris? You should know that it’s in a suburb of Paris and can take upwards of an hour to get there from your Paris location.

Some tours include transportation, but if you’re headed there on your own it can be quite confusing. Which method to Versailles is the easiest? Which is closed for construction?! We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and found the 4 easiest ways to get there…


RER Line C

RER C to Versailles

Image: sncf.fr

This is always our first recommendation when it comes to traveling from Paris to Versailles. It’s easy, affordable, and there are even paintings of cherubs, châteaus, and other cute Versailles-themed things inside the train. Good job with the creativity, Paris.

You can take the RER line C to the stop “Versailles Château – Rive Gauche” (a 10 minutes’ walk to the Versailles palace).

Your view! Image: Wikipedia Commons

Make your way to the Javel station (on metro line 10, and RER line C) and take the train from there. On the screens on each train platform, you’ll see all the stops listed. Just make sure you see “Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche” on there, and you know you’re headed the right direction.

The walk to the Palace from the station is very easy. Simply turn right when you exit the station (Avenue de l’Europe), then left on Avenue de Paris. That will take you directly to the front gates. If in doubt, follow the crowd…

Pros to RER C: The trip will set you back 23 minutes and will cost no more than 10€ round trip. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Once you get to the Versailles Château – Rive Gauche train station, walk about 10 minutes and you’ll find yourself under the, er, golden gates of Versailles!

Cons to RER C: The downfall of the RER C method? There are very often scheduled works going on on this line. Yay for progress, boo for messing with travel plans, am I right?! If you find yourself in Paris during one of these times (21-22 October, 18-19 November, 25-26 November 2017), check out our three other options below!


SNCF Transilien – N Train

N train to Versailles

Image: sncf.fr

Head to the Gare Montparnasse located in the south western side of Paris, and hop on the line N train to bring you to the stop “Versailles Chantiers”. The château is then a 20 minute walk away. There are about 7 trains per hour using this method, so if you miss one train, the next isn’t too far behind.

Head to the train station at the bottom of the huge Montparnasse Tower in Paris’ 15th district. That’s on Place Raoul Dautry, where Boulevard Vaugirard and Avenue du Maine meet. Once inside, follow signs for Transilien and line N. Montparnasse is the start of the line, so any N train you get on will be going in the correct direction.

Versailles Rive Droit

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Exit the train at “Versailles Chantiers”. The walk is about 20 minutes; you’ll want to use your map to get to the entrance of the Versailles Palace.

Pros to SNCF N train: This train trip takes 15 minutes of train time and then the 18 minutes of walking. The cost of a round trip ticket is 6€. On a nice day this is a wonderful way to see the town of Versailles surrounding the château!

Cons to SNCF N train: If you’re not up for it, an 18 minute walk can seem long, especially on a rainy, windy, or snowy day. And we can vouch for how unpredictable the weather in Northern France can be…


SNCF Transilien – L Train

L train to Versailles

Image: sncf.fr

This SNCF train brings you from the Gare Saint Lazare in Paris to the Versailles Rive Droite station in Versailles, on probably the most scenic route of all the options here. The arrival is at the Versailles-Rive Droit train station (different than the RER C station, above). The train comes every 20 minutes, so again, if you miss one, no biggie!

SNCF train

Image: flickr

When you’re at Saint Lazare station, follow signs for “Les Grandes Lignes” which will take you to the area of the station the L train leaves from.

Pros to SNCF L train: If you are staying in the northern part of Paris, the Gare Saint Lazare will be very easy for you to get to! A longer train ride out to Versailles also means you get to see a bit more of the Ile-de-France region. Nothin’ quite like watching the French countryside out of your train window! The cost of this option is also 6€ round trip.

Cons to SNCE L train: This is one of the longer ways to get to Versailles from Paris clocking in with about 40 minutes on the train, and then about 17 minutes walk to the château. If you don’t like long train rides, this option may not be for you.


Taxi or Uber

Uber to Versailles

Image: Flickr

Ahhh, Uber. Anyone else kind of feel like a celebrity when your Uber pulls up and you get to climb in the backseat to be chauffeured around? Anyone? Just us? Anyway…

All joking aside, taking a regular taxi or an Uber can be a great way to get from Paris to Versailles if public transportation freaks you out. We find that Uber tends to be a bit less expensive than normal taxis, though it depends on the time of day.

According to Uber’s estimates, a one way trip from Paris to Versailles will cost between 30-40€. Traditional taxis may cost closer to 50€. Check on Uber pricing before deciding, since surges do occur!

Pros to taxi: You don’t have to deal with a maybe crowded and/or smelly train, you’ll have plenty of legroom and comfort, and there could be a chance that your friendly taxi or Uber driver has candy, snacks, or water to give you. FREE CANDY!!!

Cons to taxi: This is definitely the most expensive option, firstly. In addition, with bad traffic the ride could end up being even more time consuming than the train… it’s unfortunately hard to predict whether or not one of these crazy European drivers will slip up and get into a traffic-inducing accident!

Choose between these 4 options when planning your trip from Paris to Versailles. Not sure what to do once you get there? Why not join us on a tour? Get 10 euros off per person from now until April 2018, with the promo code VERBLOG!


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