10 Paris addresses for celebrating Halloween

Celebrating Halloween in Paris just got easier.

Halloween Paris

Halloween in Paris is not on the same level as elsewhere in the world (lookin’ at you, United States). But as a holiday, it IS catching on here, slowly but surely! Masks, face paints, costumes (rental or purchase), decorations…. You can now find them all in Paris.

As for the Halloween parties, well, we’ve got some great Paris addresses for you below, as well.


Our top picks for getting your Halloween disguise in Paris.

1. Au Fou Rire

Au Fou Rire Halloween Paris

Au Fou Rire
22 bis rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 (metro Grands Boulevards)
M-Sa 9:30am – 7:30pm

Au Fou Rire is a great spot for some simple, cheap costumes and accessories. Are sexy-[insert profession here] costumes still a thing? Well, you’ll find them here.

You also have a nice selection of face paints, wigs, masks, hats, and even Halloween decorations. So get your pad ready for the big night!

Face paint note: know that there are only a couple brands of (cheap) face paint here. If you have sensitive skin you might want to purchase hypoallergenic or higher quality paint online, instead.

2. Clown Montmartre

Clown Montmartre Paris

Clown Montmartre
22 rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 (metro Grands Boulevards)
M-Sa 9:30am – 7pm

Ah, nothing like some good old fashioned competition at Halloween. Clown Montmartre is right next to Au Fou Rire, and the articles are of similar caliber. However you will find different products at both stores so it’s worth it to check both

This is a great one-stop location for all your Halloween needs, even if you’re planning last-minute!

3. A La Poupée Merveilleuse

Poupee Merveilleuse Paris

A La Poupée Merveilleuse
9 rue du Temple 75004 (metro Hotel de Ville)
Tu-Sa 10am-7pm

Consider it a higher-end yet still pretty normal Halloween shop. Extra bonus, you won’t be quite so squashed inside, compared to the previous two stores. The larger selection at A La Poupée Merveilleuse is a welcome surprise. You’ll also find a bigger range of quality and price here, than at the first two stores.

4. Sommier

Sommier Halloween Paris

3 passage Brady 75010 (metro Château d’Eau)
M-Fr 10am-7pm, Sa 10am – 6pm

Want to get fancy this Halloween without breaking the bank? Rent one instead! Sommier has a great selection of amazing costumes for men and women. Bears, ninjas, period dress from the reign of Louis XIV: they really have something for everyone. There are plenty of accessories as well. Need an intricate carnival mask, Robin Hood hat, or leather boots? You’re covered.

Renting a costume has huge benefits. Like how here’s no need to worry about where the heck you’re going to store/sell it come November 1st! Let’s be honest, you’re probably NOT going to wear that bear costume again. Typical rentals are 48 hours so you’ll have enough time to rest post-Halloween before returning it.

For the best selection, head into Sommier as early as possible to reserve your costume.

Most costumes require a deposit check, which you’ll get back after you return your costume unharmed.

Sight Seeker’s Delight tip: Costume rental is a fabulous option for travelers who are in Paris over the Halloween holiday.

5. Free ‘P’ Star

Vintage Halloween Paris

Free ‘P’ Star
8 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie 75004
M-Sa noon-11pm, Su 2pm-10pm

Thrift stores are a great place to – at the very least – get ideas for a costume. What might you find while perusing Free ‘P’ Star this October? Maybe that pair of orange corduroy pants for your 60s hippy costume. Or the leather jacket that will turn you into the perfect Neo. Or, the much-needed inspiration you didn’t find in our own closet!

6. Your closet

Closet costumes Halloween Paris

123 boulevard Not-stalking-you 75000
Open all day every day

Some of my best costumes came from rarely-worn items of my own clothing. Old H&M shirts were torn up and used for a zombie costume, a long black gown for vampire, or even old rags for a Star Wars Rey get-up. Worst comes to worst, throw on clothes you haven’t worn for a few years and go as a time traveler from 2010.

Summary: don’t underestimate past-you’s purchases when it comes to Halloween.


Though not as omnipresent as in the States, Paris does throw a good Halloween party. Here are a few to consider:

1. Boat party on the Seine

Concorde Atlantic boat Halloween Paris

Bateau Concorde Atlantique
across from 23 quai Anatole France 75007
31 October, 11pm-6am

Parisian Halloween party on a boat. I mean, this doesn’t even need any additional selling points. But…

It’s 15 euros to get in, but if you’re wearing a costume it’s only 10. Drinks (alcoholic or non alcoholic) are 1 euro each. Prices like that are pretty unheard of anywhere in Paris, so my assumption is the drinks are quite small… but it still sounds like a great party.

There are two large dance floors on the boat, as well as an outdoor terrace.

Bonus if you have a birthday within 2 weeks of Halloween: show your ID and you’ll get a free bottle of bubbly!

2. Vampire Ball

Vampire Ball Halloween Paris

Bal des Vampires
Pavillon des Champs Elysées, 34 rue Marbeuf 75008
31 October, 11pm – 5am

In a ‘reconstituted Transylvanian palace’ you can spend your Parisian Halloween with fellow vampires.

You better be a well-dressed vampire, though. According to the dress code, if you’re sporting any cheap nylon dresses, rubber masks, or plastic accessories you won’t be let in. They have dress ideas for women and men.

Sommier or Au Bal Masqué (see above) is a great place to rent a costume for the Vampire ball.

You must buy tickets in advance (25 euros each). Do it here.

3. 90’s/Buffy Party

Buffy Halloween Paris

Brasserie Barbès
2 Boulevard Barbes, 75018
31 October, 7pm-2am

A real nerd alert for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans! Music magazine Les Inrockuptibles is hosting a Buffy/90s Halloween party at the new hip Brasserie Barbès.

Entry is free, and prizes and drinks will be awarded to those best disguised as characters from the 90s cult show. Buffy isn’t a hard costume, folks!

4. Day of the Dead Party

Day of the Dead Paris

L’Alimentation Generale
64 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011
31 October 9am- 5am

7 euros will get you entry to the Fiesta Dia de los Muertos at bar/concert venue L’Alimentation Generale. All costumes are welcomed, though this is a Mexican-themed party so expect a lot of Latin music.

A prize goes to the best costume, so get working on that face painting!