Best of Paris Street Art: Humor and Design

Well my friends… Paris – like many other cities in the world – is a-changin’! The youth have always wanted to leave their mark on the city they reside in. Some kids just do the ever-dreaded tagging: spray-painting their name or sign all over the city and this of course is disheartening to all, especially when it’s on someone’s home, apartment wall, or of course a national monument. Every day, we see Paris’ official cleaners doing their best to erase the artless tags from this beautiful city.

Facebook Skull Art

How do they get them up there?!

However there are many artists that want to leave their mark in a more unique fashion, and that’s the Street Art I love to see and share with you.

Painted pole art Paris

Yes, even these…

Street Art has become such a gigantic phenomenon that almost every street I walk down has a little something to pop out at me.

Paris street art


Today’s street artists are now actually using humor AND street signs to add their flavor to Paris. I wonder what Renoir, Van Gogh, or Monet would think of the work these street artists are doing. I personally think that Picasso (and most artists exhibited in the Pomidou Center of Contemporary Art) would probably get a good chuckle if they saw what the art world has evolved into.

Do Not Enter art

Seen all over Paris

We have all at this point probably heard of the famous artists like Banksy and Jerome Meneger and these artists are actually using a great medium to spread their word through pictures. Maybe you have seen the movie Exit through the Gift Shop? It’s a great film that really shows us how much of an impact that Street Art is having on our cities around the world.

Banksy Paris


For me it definitely makes a city like Paris come even more alive with a generation of people who want to share their love of art and comedy with a world that can sometimes have so much sorrow and pain. It can be nice to just have a laugh on your way to and from the daily grind, whether it be Paris, New York, London or wherever.

Live street art in Paris

The artist and his work in progress

I personally would much rather see something that makes me think “that kid may have a future in art”, instead of “NOT AGAIN with the ugly spray paint!”

Paris street art

This is the big scale stuff

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