Very Versailles and Grand Versailles Gardens

Surprise! It’s been in the works for a long time but all good things come to those who wait, right? So, ding ding ding! Thank you for waiting 🙂 We’re so happy to announce that our Versailles walking tours are now ready to go.

Versailles Grand Perspective

We’re thrilled to share both of these tours with you, and to kick this off right we’re doing a few fun things:

  1. This photo blog, which we just know is going to whet your eye and brain’s appetite
  2. An Instagram contest – the winner will get a free place on a tour (which can be gifted to friends or family visiting Paris). More details here.
  3. Lots of juicy information on Facebook about Versailles and the royal debauchery that went on there

Sun King

Before anything, let me talk about these tours a little bit. Remember when I wrote about Building a Versailles tour in 6 Easy Steps? Well really, as an addendum to that article is a 7th step: get a veritable Versailles historian to fact-check, restructure, and add to that script.

That seemed like a good idea, so we went ahead and did it.

Versailles fountains

Enter one of our newest guides, Steph. Steph and Karen met fortuitously late last year, and ever since, Karen has felt like she’s practically won the lottery. Not that all of our team isn’t absolutely fabulous (you know it’s true!)… However, Steph has also become a tour collaborator, because she is getting her Masters in French Studies, and the best part is she is crazy in love with Versailles. So she has helped us restructure the tour in a way that is going to be way more fun for you all.

Apollo Versailles

We’ve really put together two fabulous tours for you, and we just cannot wait to share them. Check out Very Versailles and Grand Versailles Gardens today!

Now how about some photos? Come on in…
Versailles entrance

But first admire the golden gates….
Versailles gate

Oh and don’t forget the gold-tipped buildings…
Versailles courtyard

This is a place where horses salute…
Versailles arrival

Hugs are carved in stone…
Versailles Statue

April showers brought May flowers!
Versailles gardens

Structure and nature duking it out for your hearts…
 King's garden Versailles

Mostly original hydrolic pipes still pumping it out like it’s their job…
Versailles fountain

Get away from city pollution and breathe deep the green, royal air…
green Versailles

Appreciate some puffy clouds from “100” steps up…
100 steps

Don’t be afraid, these dragons only come alive at night…
Dragon fountain

Wait… are we outside, still?
Colonnade Versailles

This guy is angry, and we know why…
Encelade Versailles

Versailles is pretty grand and glorious… let us share it with you!
Grand Versailles

And now, details for our…

Instagram contest

Louis XIV was king of France and god of Versailles: he did exactly what he wanted, when he wanted (we have Versailles to show for it).

So here’s our contest: Instagram a picture of what YOU would do if you were king, using the hashtag #itsgoodtobeking and tagging @SightSeekersDelight.

Our favorite will win the prize – a free place on our new Versailles tour (can be gifted to friends/family traveling to Paris).

We’ll announce winners on Instagram and Facebook, so keep your eyes peeled…