The Best Vegan Options in Paris

Don’t let tradition fool you…there’s plenty of vegan goodness in Paris!


I have a few vegan friends. Whenever I suggest they come and visit me in Paris I get a pretty similar response: “I would love to come and see you, but I’m not sure if I’ll have many options for food. Aren’t the French known for using a lot of butter and cream in their cooking?”

Well, I’m not here to tell you that in traditional French cooking, a lot of dairy and meat are used. Heck, dairy and meat are the stars of the show! How else could you make poulet rôti, boeuf bourguignon, or even croissants?!

Never fear, my plant eating friends! Traditional French cooking may involve all of the things you don’t like to eat, but lucky for you there aren’t only traditional French restaurants in Paris!

In fact, in recent years, some amazing options for vegetarians and vegans have become available. They aren’t only plant based, they’re delicious to boot.

I’m going to fill you in on my favorite vegan restaurants, cafés, grocery store and even a “creamery” in Paris.

1. Abattoir végétal

abattoir vegetal
Image courtesy of the Abattoir végétal’s Facebook page

The Abattoir végétal is a little vegan place in Montmartre that I absolutely adore! The writer inside me also loves the play on words within the name of the restaurant: abattoir means slaughterhouse and végétal means, well, vegetal…which according to my friends at means: “of, relating to, or of the nature of plants or vegetables.” Basically, their name means vegetable slaughterhouse. How’s that for clever?

The name is also an homage to the locale: it’s a former butcher’s shop. Today, you’ll find a clean and bright restaurant filled with plants (not surprising) that caters to vegans! Their options are fresh, delicious and reasonably priced, too. On the weekend, they also offer a trendy brunch. If you have children, they can eat for the low price of just 5 euros! The adult’s option is a bit more expensive, and will set you back a cool 25 euros.

That being said, you’ll get hooked up with a ton of food! Their brunch includes soup, salad, various bowl options including a muesli bowl and a buddha bowl, cakes and pastries (of course), fresh fruits and vegetables (double of course) and the choice of a hot drink. Not too shabby!

Practical Information:
Address: 61 Rue Ramey, 75018 Paris
Opening hours: Wednesday & Thursday 6:30pm-11:30pm. Friday 10am-3:30pm, 6:30pm-11:30pm. Saturday 11am-4pm, 6:30pm-11:30pm. Sunday 11am-4pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

2. Le Faitout

Image courtesy of Le Faitout’s Facebook page

So, you know how I mentioned that there is a lot of dairy and meat in traditional French food? Well, the folks at Le Faitout have decided to take all of those traditional meals and make them vegan. Score! This means “cheese” and “charcuterie” plates, “tartare” made of tempeh, and even “steak” with french fries!

This will be my go-to restaurant when my vegan friends do eventually make it to Paris, as it is the best option for that traditional French food, but completely plant based!

Bonus for all of you animal lovers? There’s a shy little kitty that makes her rounds…if you can spot her!

Practical Information:
Address: 23 Avenue Simon Bolivar, 75019 Paris
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 4pm-1:30am. Saturday & Sunday 8am-1:30am. Closed Mondays.

3. Cloud Cakes

cloud cakes
Image courtesy of Cloud Cake’s Facebook page

“You can’t come to Paris and not taste the delicious pastries!” To a vegan, this sentence could cause disappointment, or even anxiety! Vegan friends: you CAN taste pastries in Paris that DO NOT use any sort of dairy products! Yes, I promise!

Enter: Cloud Cakes. This coffee shop and bakery is filled with delicious vegan options that are so good, you’ll want to try even if you aren’t on a plant-only diet. If you’re in Paris for the long run, you can also order specialty vegan cakes for all of your birthday, anniversary and other holiday needs!

The shop also serves savory options for lunch, just in case you’ve had enough of the sweet stuff (if you’re crazy like that).

Practical Information:
Address: 6 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm. Saturday 9:30am-7pm. Sunday 11:30am-3:30pm.

4. Jay&Joy

Image courtesy of Jay&Joy’s Facebook page

Brace yourselves, because when I discovered that Jay&Joy existed I almost fell off my chair. This shop nestled next to the Bastille area of Paris is a vegan creamery. Yup, there’s a vegan cheese shop in Paris ladies and gents and let me tell you, these guys really know what they’re doing.

They also carry vegan cheesecake, yogurt, ice cream and more. All of you faithful vegans that honestly do miss cheese just a little bit…I’ve found your saving grace! And you’re all in luck: the staff are so friendly and welcoming, and don’t mind a bit if you’d like to sample some things before you buy. This is sometimes hard to come by in Paris!

Don’t miss their vegan foie gras as well. All of the holiday cheer with none of the guilt…sign me up!

Practical Information:
Address: 5 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 12pm-7:30pm. Saturday 12pm-7pm. Sunday 10am-2pm.

5. Un Monde Vegan

Image courtesy of Un Monde Vegan’s Facebook page

Are you sick of wandering to the lonely only vegan aisle at the grocery store? Do you wish that you could shop in a place where you know that there are no animal based products to be found? Well, you’ve found your new favorite supermarket in Paris in Un Monde Vegan!

Not only does this supermarket carry all of the vegan food products you’ve ever dreamed of, it also carries cleaning supplies, beauty and hygiene products and even vegan items for your pets. They also carry books!

Bonus for all of you spend thrifty vegans: once you spend 100 euros, you get 5 euros off your next purchase!

Practical Information:
Address: 64 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm. Closed Sunday.

6. Vegan French Desserts cooking class

Image courtesy of Cook’n With Class’ Facebook page

We have been frequenting the Cook’n With Class culinary school in Paris for years. They offer over 15 different options from French pastry making, to a market cooking class to a Private Vegan French Desserts class! Plus, all of the classes are in English.

That’s right, there’s a English speaking cooking school in Paris that offers a vegan desserts class. Pinch yourselves, because you aren’t dreaming! It’s a 3 hour class, and you’ll learn how to make mouth watering French desserts without any of the butter, cream or eggs.

We love Cook’n With Class so much that we’ve teamed up with them on our Eat Like a Parisian food tour. If you join this tour, you’ll explore the real Paris where real Parisians shop for food. The tour includes stops at 7 artisan food stores in the Montmartre area to shop for our meal. While enjoying your meal including French bread, cheese, cured meats, fish, veggies, and of course dessert, learn how French cuisine has evolved to be what it is now. Not only will you eat, but YOU might be the one making the vinagrette, as the tour finishes up at Cook’n With Class!

Click here to learn more and make your booking.

Practical Information:
Address: 6 Rue Baudelique, 75018 Paris
Opening hours: The school is open Monday-Saturday 9am-11pm. Availability for the Vegan French Desserts class may vary.


You don’t have to go hungry if you’re a vegan in Paris! There are a ton of options out there just waiting to be tested by you.

Save this list for your next Paris trip. In the meantime, did I forget anything important? Let me know in the comments below!


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