2017 Paris Holiday Market Guide

Upated Paris Christmas Markets, everything you need to know: which markets are best, opening days, pros, cons, and a map

Do you call it Marché de Noël? Christmas market? Holiday market? Christkindlmarkt? Well, whatever you call it, these little markets are an pretty fun part of winter in Paris.

Paris Christmas markets 2017

But there are so many of them. And there are some that focus more on food (even vegan – see below!), some that focus on charity, some that have just about everything… How will you find the best one for you to visit in your limited time?

We’ve compiled the best holiday markets in Paris this year (and there’s a big surprise, too…). Check out the classic AND niche markets below to find your favorite!

Oh and don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you think about these markets. Are they worth the visit?

Champs-Elysées market – CLOSED

Paris Ferris wheel

We’ll start with the surprise. Depending on your viewpoint, it’s either a good surprise or a bad surprise.

As of yesterday (November 16), it’s official: the Champs-Elysées market is not happening in 2017.

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo did not renew the contract of the company that oversees this particular holiday market. There are a few different reasons, but a big one is the fact that the stands are not really representative of French culture.

A cornet of churros for 15€ is not really the most beautiful showcase of Parisian gastronomy.

If you’ve been to the the Champs-Elysees market in past years, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most things are made in China, half of the stands are exactly the same electronics/cheap goods, and (as a spokesperson for City Hall said) “A cornet of churros for €15 is not really the most beautiful showcase of Parisian gastronomy”.

What do YOU think about this market being closed? Let us know in the comments!

This might also be the last year for the Ferris Wheel at Place de la Concorde… so if that’s on your bucket list, you better get to it – and quick!

Eiffel Tower Champs de Mars

Do you feel like ice skating at the base of the Eiffel Tower? This is the market for you, then.

On the sprawling Champ de Mars (the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower), you’ll find artisan vendors, holiday decorations, and gourmet food products to gift to your loved ones!

Eiffel Tower market

Take in the picturesque at the same time? Yes, please!

  • Pros: Eiffel Tower, one-stop shop, photo opportunity, ice skating
  • Cons: pretty crowded
  • Open: 21 December 2017 – 8 January 2018, from 11am – 11pm
  • Metro: Bir Hakeim, Trocadero
  • Location on map

La Defense

With some 300-350 vendors, this business district market is the largest in the Paris region. It also tends to have higher quality products, though you’ll still find some of the cheap stuff.

Many Parisians consider La Defense to have the best holiday market. (Something tells me part of that is because you can get all your gift shopping done in one go!)

La Defense market

Image: parisexpat.wordpress.com

  • Pros: one-stop shop, high quality
  • Cons: easy to get lost, overwhelming, a bit outside of Paris
  • Open: 23 November – 28 December 2018, from 11am – 8pm
  • Metro: La Defense (Grande Arche)
  • Location on map


Personally I love this market but it might be because it was the first one I ever saw in Paris. Oh, memories!

Or maybe it was the vin chaud…

Regardless, the beautiful St-Germain neighborhood and church are the perfect backdrop for a chilly winter’s eve stroll. It’s on the smaller side but that’s why it’s great – you can pop in a bit before or after dinner in the neighborhood.

(Don’t forget the hot wine!)

Paris christmas market

  • Pros: less crowded, central Paris, great neighborhood
  • Cons: small
  • Open: 1 December 2017 – 1 January 2018, from 11am -9pm
  • Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Près, Mabillon
  • Location on map

Notre Dame/Square Viviani

This quaint little marché de Noel focuses on arts: ceramics, ironwork, leather objects, household decor, and more. But… there’s no need to worry: there WILL still be vin chaud!

You’ll find these booths directly across the river from Notre Dame Cathedral, in the Square Viviani.

Read what Louise had to say about this market from her visits in previous years. (Psst: Our Paris Along the Seine tour begins just in front of Notre Dame, giving you a great opportunity to window-shop prior to the tour!

Oh, and extra psssst: get a 5 euro discount on that tour (or any other!) with the promo code MKTBLOG.

Notre Dame market

Image: en.parisinfo.com

  • Pros: central Paris, quality goods, convenient for Seine tour
  • Cons: only 10 days long, crowded
  • Open: 15 December – 24 December 2017, from 10am – 8pm (Saturday and Sunday open until 9pm)
  • Metro: Cité, Saint Michel
  • Location on map


This is the second year for this charming market, right in the center of the Army Museum courtyard at Invalides.

You’ll see a majority of the stalls selling French artisianal good. Another plus is the beautiful illuminations right at the base of the Invalides dome. You’ll want to after sunset to get the full experience!

Invalides christmas

Image: sinclairstoryline.com

  • Pros: French goods, beautiful Invalides backdrop, great for families
  • Cons: crowded
  • Open: 15 December – 31 December 2017, from 11:30am – 7pm (closed 25 December)
  • Metro: Invalides
  • Location on map

Montmartre Abbesses

The charming Place des Abbesses will be filled with holiday market stands selling goods, hot wine, and snacks!


Abbesses market

Image: timeout.com

  • Pros: charming neighborhood
  • Cons: crowded
  • Open: 27 November – 3 January 2018, from 11:30am – 7pm (closed 25 December)
  • Metro: Invalides
  • Location on map

Gare de l’Est Station

Food (think soft pretzels, gingerbread, foie gras hot wine: anything Alsacian!) reins here at the Paris Est train station market.

Our tip: head here with an empty stomach to take full advantage of the delicious food!

Est station market

Image: frenchmoments.eu

  • Pros: great food, easy to get to
  • Cons: mainly food (if that’s not your thing!)
  • Open: 1 December – 16 December
  • Metro: Gare de l’est
  • Location on map


Pavillon Market – Canal

  • Notes: young French creators selling unique creations
  • Where: Pavillon des Canaux, 39 Quai de la Loire 75019
  • Open: 16-17 December from 11am – 8pm
  • Metro: Laumiere
  • Location on map

Creator market “On Investit Les Lieux”

  • Notes: reunites artisans, artists, and musicians – perfect to find original gifts in an original space
  • Where: Espace Canal Siant-Martin, 13 rue Jean Poulmarch 75010
  • Open: 8-10 December from 2pm – 10pm Friday, 1pm-8pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Metro: Republique, Jacques Bonsergent
  • Location on map

Afro-Caribbean market

  • Notes: first edition of market, focusing on Afro-Caribbean gastronomic specialties
  • Where: 16 rue des Minimes 75003
  • Open: 15-19 December from 11am-7pm
  • Metro: Chemin Vert
  • Location on map

Vegan Market

  • Notes: About 20 stands with vegan cheese tastings, chocolates, candies, cruelty-free cosmetics, cookbooks, and more
  • Where: La REcyclerie cafe, 83 boulevard Ornano 75018
  • Open: 16-17 December from noon – 8pm
  • Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
  • Location on map

Nordic Market

  • Notes: Food specialties and artisan products from Nordic countries
  • Where: La REcyclerie cafe, 83 boulevard Ornano 75018
  • Open: 9-10 December from noon – 8pm
  • Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
  • Location on map

Bastille charity market

  • Notes: “Creators have heart” is a project by the Bastille Design Center: many name brands (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Bensimon, Christian Louboutin, Zadig & Voltaire, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Kusmi Tea…) donate things to be sold at reduced prices, and 100% of the revenue goes to AIDS research. Entry is 2 euros.
  • Where: Bastille Design center, 74 boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011
  • Open: 20-23 December from 11am-8pm (5pm on Saturday)
  • Metro: Bastille
  • Location on map

“Les Agaçantes” 30 euro market

  • Notes: Artisans propose products (decoration, fashion, food, drink) for less than 30 euros.
  • Where: 7 rue Bachaumont, 75002
  • Open: 30 November – 2 December from noon-8pm
  • Metro: Bastille
  • Location on map

Map of 2017 Holiday Markets

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