Incredible Paris View from Institut du Monde Arabe

I’m ashamed to say that until this month ago I’d never seen the incredible view of Paris from the Institut du Monde Arabe. It is (and I can now attest to this) literally one of the most interesting views of Paris. The terrace of the Institut is slightly elevated (9 floors) so you get a unique view but not so much that you still can’t see the detail of this magical city.

Notre dame monde arabe view

Given the Institut du Monde Arabe’s location right on the river in the Latin Quarter, you can understand how the views of Paris are so spectacular.

One of the first things I was struck by as I walked into the Institute du Monde Arabe were the incredible yet futuristic windows. After reading that they expand and contract to let more or less light in depending on the time of day, I was SURE that they were from the future.

monde arabe windows

After you walk in, you may have to send your bags through the security xray, and then you are off to the glass elevators on the right. 9th floor please, and make it snappy!

Once upstairs you can make your way outside – there is a terrace café which must be amazing when the weather is nice.

monde arabe terrace

It was a bit chilly when I visited so I just took in the sights. Oh, look, Notre Dame!

Notre dame view

The city looks so calm and lovely from here. THESE are the kinds of pictures you want to bring back to brag to your friends and family about!

Paris bridge

Those typical Parisian apartment buildings…

Paris Seine view

And if you put a bit of change into the telescope…

Paris view telescope

You may get to spy on some of Paris’ wonderful canine residents. PUPPIES!

Monde Arabe view

The terrace is beautiful and large, and you really should make this part of your next Paris visit.

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