11 August 2016


As awesome as it is to have our unique VIP booking system and flexible tour times… sometimes it means some of you get a bit confused! Not to worry, we’ve created this reservation walk-through for you to help as you make your reservation. Because you know, the only thing you should be stressing about when it comes to your trip is how you will manage to eat all that cheese and bread!

Let us know if you have any questions or if you run into any problems.

Note: It is best not to use Internet Explorer as some functions may not work (ie drop-down menus). We recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari!

How on earth do I book a tour? HELP!

First: go to one of our site’s calendars.

All reservations (and ticket deposits) are made through our calendars.

Where can you find a calendar? Easy! On each tour page there is a calendar specific to that tour. For example the Paris Along the Seine page calendar (here) will show available Paris Along the Seine tours:

Seine calendar

Or you can also access our Master Calendar (click here) where all 9 of our tours are shown in one place. This walkthrough is based on the Master Calendar:

Master calendar

Next: choose your desired tour date

So what do you do now? Find the date(s) you’re interested in.

By default the calendar will show the current month. You may want to view different months – see those arrows? That will let you access September, October, etc. You can also click directly on the name of the month (in this example, “August”) to view a different month.

Month calendar full view

Alright so you’ve found the date you want, now click on it! You’ll see all the tours available on that day:

Calendar day view

Note: If you’re on an individual tour page (Like Paris Along the Seine), you’ll only see what’s available for that tour!

Then: choose a tour

Okay so you see all the tours we can do on the day you’re interested in. Need a refresher on what each tour is about? Visit our Tours page.

Understanding tour start times

You’ll see some tours are labeled “NEW TOUR – you choose start time” (see picture above: Secrets of the Night tour). What does THIS mean? Well, since we work on a VIP first-come first-toured system, it means that you’re the first to book this tour so you can choose the start time that works best for you!

You’ll also see that some tours are labeled with a time (again, see picture above: Paris Along the Seine, Time Travel to Montmartre, and Jewish History of Le Marais). Those tours will also have less than the maximum number of tickets (12 tickets max per tour, 6 max on food tours). What does that mean? It means the tour has already been scheduled by another traveler, and they chose the start time that works best for them.

What you’ll need to do in either case is click on the tour you want. You’ll wind up on the booking form for that tour – great, you’re nearly done!

Now: Fill out the booking form

For a tour that’s labeled “NEW TOUR – you choose start time”, here’s an example of the booking form you’ll see:

Form new tour

As you fill out the booking form, you can choose the start time from the drop down menu indicated on the form (see picture above). Note: some tours have time restrictions due to forces beyond our control. Available time options for each tour will all be listed in that drop-down menu!

On the other hand if you’re joining a tour which has already been scheduled for a start time, this will be reiterated at the top of your booking form:

Form scheduled tour

In this case, don’t choose anything from that tour time drop-down menu. The tour already has a scheduled start time!

Important information on the booking form

Be sure to fill in all required fields on the form, and double check that your email address is correct (that’s how we send your tour confirmation with all the details).

Don’t forget to select the correct number of tickets: either use the little arrows indicated, or enter a new number instead of the default “1”.

Be sure to read our Tour & Cancellation policies, along with the rest of the form before checking each box!

Almost done: time to pay!

Once the booking form is filled out, click the “Book & Pay” button on the bottom left. You’ll be redirected to a payment page where you pay your deposit (balance is due in cash on day of tour).

You can choose to pay with a credit card, or PayPal account. Note that if the page comes up in French, you can switch the language right here:

Paypal language

You can choose to pay by a credit card by clicking “Check out as Guest”, or use your PayPal account by clicking “Log in”:
Paypal pay by card

Paying by card?

If you want to pay by card (choosing “Check out as Guest” as indicated above) the next page will let you enter your credit card information. Don’t forget to change the country to the appropriate one for your card!

Once you’ve entered all your information, click “Pay” at the bottom of that page.

Paypal enter card

I’ve paid – NOW WHAT?

What happens once you’ve paid? Well, first you will receive an instant payment confirmation email from PayPal – regardless of if you paid by credit card or PayPal account.

Then, within 12 hours you’ll receive a detailed tour confirmation email from us here at Sight Seeker’s Delight. If you don’t see it, check your Spam or Junkmail – sometimes our emails wind up there! To avoid that, consider adding info@sightseekersdelight.com to your contacts/address book.

Does that all make sense? If it doesn’t, or if you have any additional questions, or if you don’t see your tour confirmation email, don’t hesitate to contact us!