14 June 2018


Whether you stay at an apartment or a hotel while on vacation, it’s important to be comfortable and know your experience will be smooth.

Here are a few of our top recommendations.

Paris apartment rental

Paris Apartment Rentals

Trusted apartment rental agencies for holidays in Paris.

Paris boutique hotels

Paris Boutique Hotels

Small, unique hotels in Paris to add that bit of extra luxury to your trip

  • Hotel Amour
    Opened in 2006, this boutique hotel has 20 rooms and each is decorated differently by artists and designers from all over! Two of the rooms even have their own private bar and terrasse. There is a brasserie attached, where you can enjoy drinks late, near the comfort of your bed, after a long day in the city. There are two locations (our favorite is in the 9th district).
    Website here
  • The Five Hotel
    The design of the rooms in this Latin Quarter boutique hotel is exquisite: Chinese lacquer, velvety fabrics, and fiber optics in the wall to give the illusion of a starry sky. Guests have access to a private garden and a Jacuzzi.
    Website here
  • Hotel du Petit Moulin
    The turn-of the century façade masks what used to be the oldest boulangerie in Paris – and now it has been restored as a boutique hotel! The famous Christian Lacroix designed the interior, creating rooms with trompe l’oeil effects, incredible color, drawings and scribbles from Lacroix’s own sketchbook.
    Website here
  • Hotel de la Bretonnerie
    Wrought ironwork, exposed stone and wooden beams, this Marais hotel used to be a hotel particulier (one family’s mansion). You will discover that it is still decorated like one, with tapestries on the walls and some four-poster beds.
    Website here
  • Le Bellechasse
    Trendy boutique hotel designed by Christian Lacroix in a great location just next to Musée d’Orsay. There are over 30 splendid rooms in 7 different styles.
    Website here
  • L’Hotel
    This is the hotel where Oscar Wilde died in November 1900. Each room has own special theme and are all thoughtfully decorated.
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  • Hotel le Petit Paris
    The room decor of this Latin Quarter hotel revisits the ‘five great eras in the history of Paris’ : Medieval, Louis XV, Napoleon III, the Roaring 20s and the 70s.
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