30 May 2018


Sight Seeker’s Delight is a close-knit group of expats who come together to make a positive impact on tourists’ time in Paris. We teach and spread French culture through humorous, friendly, and informative tours and services. We are known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike.

Our team believes that a caring, personal touch is the best foundation for educating (and entertaining) tourists. We know that many tourists only travel to Paris once in their lives, so we have one shot to leave a lasting impression – that’s what drives us!

We are a small company with incredible potential to grow. In 5 years we see ourselves with branches in other European cities.

If you want to work hard while being part of something exciting and fun, working for Sight Seeker’s Delight could be for you. Take a look at the job roles we are currently offering:



Are you an engaging, funny actor who is ready to work for an exciting and thriving tourism company? Can you keep a crowd enticed and entertained?

Sharing Paris with international tourists is a fun and lucrative way to perfect your craft by giving “one man show” tours.

Creating your own schedule allows you the flexibility to take on acting projects at the same time. Sight Seeker’s Delight is a family-like business so we will always support you!

The Position:

  • Starting pay: 12 euros brut / hr + per-person bonus
  • Part-time micro-entrepreneur work – this is not a CDD or CDI
  • Make your own schedule

Requirements: The ideal candidate has

  • English mother tongue
  • Acting, comedy, or public speaking experience
  • Decent knowledge of Paris
  • Good level of French (bilingual a plus)
  • Great sense of humor
  • Valid work papers

We will only consider applications if:

  • You are willing to work as an autoentrepreneur
  • You have valid working papers for France
  • You live in Paris or near suburbs
  • You are a native English speaker

Send CV with photo to info@sightseekersdelight.com



Weekend Assistant/Social Media Expert

We’re looking for a Weekend Assistant/Social Media Expert who can learn with us and help us take Sight Seeker’s Delight to the next level.

What does that mean for you? You won’t be stuck doing the same thing every day. You’ll use both sides of your brain – there’s a lot of creativity needed, but analytical abilities are just as important when it comes to this position.

– Starting pay range: 11 euros per hour

– Training in December, starting date in January 2020

– “Part time” Weekend (Between 5-10h per weekend)

– Auto-entrepreneur work – this is not a CDD or CDI

– Mainly work from home (except for meetings with the company founder)

– Flexible vacations

Not everyone can do this job! Are you who we’re looking for? Read on…


– Proactive, go-getter attitude

– Complete North American understanding of customer service

– Dedication to the growth of the company (and therefore the position)

– Strong self-motivation and ability to drive the team’s productivity as well as your own

– High adaptability to change

– Passion for tourism and Paris

– Valid French working papers and plans to stay in Paris long-term

– English mother tongue

– Excellent command of the English language (to write our blogs, Facebook & Instagram posts, and our quarterly newsletter)

– At least B2 level French so that you can make phone calls to make reservations etc. 


– General knowledge of modern marketing

– Understanding of SEO and content creation

– Basic knowledge of the backend of WordPress (to post blog articles)

– Graphic design capabilities (to work with programs like Photoshop and Affinity Photo to create content)


– Efficiently yet warmly craft persuasive, focused emails to clients, team, and partners

– Adeptly avert and reconcile negative situations

– Manage company service offerings & scheduling through multiple platforms

– Write Paris-centric articles (we aim for one blog article per week) that help, entertain, and engage our audience

– Manage our social accounts (TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram)

– Perform keyword research and optimize articles in terms of SEO

– Oversee editorial calendar

– Package content into newsletters

– Personal assistant style tasks for the company founder


– You are willing to work as an auto-entrepreneur

– You have valid working papers for France

– You live in Paris or near suburbs

– You are a native English speaker

We are looking for a unicorn! Are you who we should talk to?

Tell us WHY when you send in your motivation letter and CV (WITH references) .




We are searching for a passionate Marketing Consultant who wants to make a difference to a small company and its international clients.

If you can provide strategic and practical plans to increase to boost our marketing efforts, this job is for you. We have basic marketing and SEO in place, but you would be a key asset in designing a full and coherent system. This is a fabulous opportunity to create from the bottom-up while working with a fun and easy-going company.

The ideal candidate an excellent communicator with lots of enthusiasm and knowledge of current/future marketing trends, who can help us engage our audience and outperform our competition.

Requirements: The ideal candidate has experience

  • Creating and running detailed, targeted marketing campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Demonstrating ROI in proposals and post-project analysis
  • Developing operational strategy and tactics to promote services
  • Conducting market research
  • Enabling small companies to expand their reach with limited resources

Responsibilities: The successful candidate can

  • Analyze demographic and website data
  • Create plans for refinement of product positioning
  • Develop actionable operational strategy and budget based on data
  • Invent new ideas for branding, advertising, and marketing messages
  • Monitor levels of success of marketing efforts using website data and statistics

We will only consider applications if:

  • You are willing to work as an autoentrepreneur
  • You are a native English speaker

Send CV with references to previous work to info@sightseekersdelight.com.



Freelance Photographer/Videographer

Do you love taking photos and videos in Paris, and are looking to make a career out of it?

We are looking for an artist with a sharp eye and sense of humor, who is ready to do some fun and autonomous photo/video work around Paris.

We have some structure for visuals and video in place, but this role would allow you a lot of creative freedom and input.

Requirements: The ideal candidate has

  • Experience using visuals to tell a compelling brand story
  • At least 1 years’ experience in photography, video editing, social and digital content creation
  • Complete knowledge of digital camera and lens systems for still and video capture
  • Proficiency at producing video content, including storyboarding, shooting and editing
  • Awareness/interest in digital and marketing trends
  • Ability to work sucessfully with limited resources

Responsibilities: The successful candidate can

  • Generate beautiful and compelling photos for original website content and social media
  • Create short, fun yet professional videos for website and social media
  • Edit all images/video in a timely manner including file renaming and optimization across platforms
  • Support visual marketing strategies creating photo and video assets to be used in advertising, marketing, public relations, brand identity, and creative creation strategies

Send CV with photo portfolio and video reel to info@sightseekersdelight.com.