20 August 2018



SamanthaSamantha graduated with a French language degree from the University of Akron – Go Zips! – but quickly realized that the degree itself just wasn’t enough… so she decided to take her talents to Paris. What started as a 7 month teaching program turned into a years-running love affair with Paris (leaving her rural Ohio town and beloved wiener dog behind).

Samantha moved on from teaching, successfully learning to manage and run a restaurant in Paris. However it wasn’t until she began working with Sight Seeker’s Delight that she finally found her niche: she can use all of her knowledge and great insider intel to help new travelers get the best out of Paris.

In her spare time, Samantha passes days with her older sister and niece, who live in Versailles… even if sometimes she’s jealous of her niece who speaks better French than her at only 4 years old! She enjoys wandering (aka getting lost in) the streets of Paris, finding all the hidden gem restaurants and bars this incredible city has to offer.

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