22 March 2018


Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Lou is Sightseekers’ in-house photographer and part of the client liaison team!.

With a fervent curiosity and love for people, this multi-passionate creative strives to add moments of fun and lightness to everyday lives. With her it’s not just a photoshoot, but an experience where you will feel really seen for the beautiful people that you are!. Photography is not just images to her but visual storytelling… that speak of one-of-a-kind, unforgettable memories, that have a value which only increases as the years go by. 

All people are beautiful to her… any culture, race, religion or gender identity. With a warm and friendly demeanour, Lou is an expert at putting people at ease by adding lots of fun!, resulting in natural and authentic photographs that truly reflect who you are and bring a smile to your face. You don’t need to feel any nerves with her… only excitement to see the results!. Through her lens, with a keen eye for detail, she skillfully captures the emotions of each moment and the connections between people and places. 

At present, you can check out more of Lou’s HeART work on instagram at: @lovelou.x

Various custom made photoshoots are available at a special Sightseekers discount of 10%, so let her know what you’re looking for!

In 2023 it will be Lou’s 10 year anniversary in Paris. As a huge Paris lover and a self-proclaimed foodie, she knows all the best places to eat, from quaint little bistros to bustling food markets as well as many fantastic spots to photograph you and popular live music hotspots!. 

When not photographing, she may be one of the team answering all your questions via email and booking you in for one of our fabulous tours!