18 April 2017



Veronica grew up hearing stories about France from her father, an American Army kid raised in post-war Europe. Her family’s history with France dates back even further, though: to the 1800s! Veronica’s great-great-aunt was a famous Irish actress and ‘companion’ of King Edward VII. She would come to Paris to hang out with her close friends Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt (no big deal).

French culture is definitely in Veronica’s DNA. That’s why she moved here to work on her first novel. And, as the story goes, she soon fell in love with a Frenchman and decided to stay for good.

Veronica inherited her ancestor’s passion for performance. She’s even performed at the White House – twice! But what she loves even more than performing is cooking, eating, and (of course) drinking French wine. A master’s-degree-wielding historian by trade, Veronica combines her passions by wowing travelers with her knowledge of French history told through food.

Bonus: it tastes delicious!