16 December 2015


Chief Operations Officer

ClaireBetween running home-made chocolate businesses with her high school ‘cronies’ and managing her own house-painting business while at university, Claire somehow found time to feed her infatuation with Paris from far away Chicago.

At the same time she was becoming obsessed with movies like ‘Moulin Rouge!’ and sobbing like a baby at the end of the The Little Prince, Claire was learning French at school. She studied in Paris her last semester, then unremorsefully pulled a fast one on her parents and stayed… for 8 years and counting. (She’s still working on being forgiven – maybe after a few more smuggled Roquefort wedges…).

True to business student style, Claire used to think boxed wine was the only kind (efficient stacking!). Living in Paris and becoming a French citizen taught her better. At each turn she was surprised and enchanted by the city and the sometimes strange Parisians. Now, she IS one of those sometimes strange Parisians, and cartwheeled – literally, pulling a muscle in the process – at the chance to take the reins at Sight Seeker’s Delight.

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