14 April 2016


New guide

Emily moved to France last year to teach English in Angers, a town in the Loire Valley. This past summer, she packed everything up a returned home, unconvinced she would live in France again. But a few months later, she realized couldn’t resist the tug of weekly markets, Sundays in the park, and, of course, the culture of wine.

Having decided to move to Paris only two weeks before she got on the plane, Emily’s past year has been a patchwork quilt of random jobs and hurried visa processes. But it’s been worth it for this small-town Mainer to finally live in a city setting; a city rich in culture, art, language… and protests. Looking into this next year, she is hoping to start a masters in theatre in Paris and is ridiculously excited at the prospect of knowing where she will be for more than six months at a time.

When she’s not in class or on the job, you can catch her reading, drinking too much coffee, and getting lost in winding cobblestone streets… one of her favorite pastimes.